artist statement

I make art to process the world around me and the world inside of my head.  Visual, emotional, personal and sensory experiences all influence my work in a way that is intuitive and a release for me. Issues of fragility, brokenness and ultimately mending are often expressed, revealed and resolved. When I lay down silk to mend a problem area or mark and stitch to emphasize a portion of a piece, I see my art practice as a metaphor for the day to day human efforts to craft a life from moments; some perfect but most flawed yet repairable.

Art making allows me to find a quiet space in my head where my internal dialogue can rest.  The repetitive nature of mark making, painting, felt making, and stitching, on the best days, take my mind to a place where I don’t perceive the passage of time.

Wool fiber is my chosen medium because of it’s transformative nature; changing under my hands in ways that I can almost but not quite control. It teaches me to leave room for the beauty of imperfection.  The medium gives me roots—both my own and to humanity. Wool felt is the first fabric created by humankind and when I create with wool I am aware that I am working in an ancient tradition. My personal connection to fiber comes from my female ancestors who spent patient hours crafting quilts, stitching, tatting and crocheting and left behind a beautiful legacy for me.

My work is equally informed by the structures and grids of architecture and the patched and mended fabrics of quilts.  While I aspire to minimalism, I strive to make my art intimate in its detailed textures and inviting to closely inspect and touch.  The layers of silk and wool, ink and stitch that result in the textures and colors are sometimes but not always visible on the surface of the work but are integral to my process. The layers reveal and conceal just enough to let the viewers find their own stories in the work.

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Lisa Hinrichs is a fiber and mixed media artist living in St. Louis, MIssouri.  After years of learning through experimentation and seeking out talented teachers in the fiber art community, Lisa now happily spends her days making art in a sunshine filled studio overlooking the Missouri River where she is a juried studio artist at the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Missouri.

Lisa holds a BS in Architectural Design from the University of Missouri and later studied Graphic Design at SLCC. While she has moved on from earlier careers in architecture and graphic design, her love of a well designed structure or elegantly composed page find their way into her current work. 

Lisa’s work can be viewed both at various exhibitions or at her studio in the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Missouri. Book a private appointment with Lisa to discuss available work or a commission. You can also sign up for her email list to be notified about future exhibitions and workshops, here.



Materials,  invitational exhibit, Donald D. Shook Fine Arts Gallery, Saint Charles Community College, St. Charles, Missouri, October - November

Fiber Focus 2019, group show juried by Arturo Sandoval, Art Saint Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, October - November

Speaking of Fibers - Stories of Importance, Juried show by Fran Gardner, Maryville University, Saint Louis, Missouri,  November-December

Angad Arts Hotel, special exhibition, June - December

Felt: Fiber Transformed, select exhibition at the Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, Massuchusetts, January - May

In Courageous Form, group show at Union Avenue Gallery, Saint Louis, Missouri, March 9


Felt: Fiber Transformed,  print & digital exhibition, Fiber Art Now Magazine Fall 2018 issue

Micro Macro,  Juried show  by Peg Fetter, Foundry Art Centre, Saint Charles, Missouri

Monday Club Gallery, Missouri Fiber Artists Group show and artist’s talk, Webster Groves, Missouri

At the Surface,  Juried show by Thad Duhigg, Foundry Art Centre, Saint Charles, Missouri


Speaking of Fibers, Juried show by Amanda McCavour, Maryville University, Saint Louis, Missouri,  November-December

Small Works,  Group Show, OA Gallery, Kirkwood, Missouri, November - December


Concerning the Spiritual, Juried show by Michael Quintero, Foundry Art Centre, Saint Charles, Missouri, November - December

Pairings, Group show, Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, Saint Joseph, Missouri  January - April

Impact,  Juried Show by Jane Sauer, Foundry Art Centre, Saint Charles, Missouri, March - April


Speaking of Fibers, Juried Show by Sandy Webster, Maryville University, Saint Louis, Missouri, November - December

Pairings, Group Show, Saint Louis Artists Guild, Clayton, Missouri September - October 

Media Matters, Juried Show by Tom Eckert, Foundry Art Centre, Saint Charles, Missouri, September - October